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Psychodynamic & Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Psychotherapy remains an integral part of my appointments. I prefer combining elements of psychodynamic and cognitive behavior therapy to enhance medications and bring about symptom relief.


Medication Management

Medicine combines a knowledge of neurobiology,  understanding of pharmacology and a healthy dose of common sense to know the difference between the quirks of personality and a disorder impacting functioning and causing distress.



We are now able to give injections at our office for most long acting injections. These are for medicines which have proven efficacy in various psychosis spectrum illnesses. 



Georgia Behavioral Health is excited to announce HIPPA secure Telepsychiatry services to established clients only. Use of Telepsychiatry has to be tailored to each patient and can only be used for follow up visits. Call our office to find out if it is an option for you.


Ketamine Treatment

Georgia Behavioral Health has recently become a treatment center for Spravato, which is esketamine. This is the first treatment that has been approved for Treatment Resistant Depression (TDD) in recent years, as relates to ketamine. Spravato is nasal ketamine, it is administered in the office setting. 


Autism and Developmental Disabilities 

At Georgia Behavioral Health (GBH), we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. We offer comprehensive, compassionate care to support both children and adults in reaching their full potential and improving their quality of life.


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