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Welcome to my practice.  I am board certified in General Adult Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and maintain active CME, serving adults up to the age of 65. Over the years, I have also gained experience and expertise in working with children ages 10 and above.


I am a solo practitioner in Norcross working with a broad range of individuals. In addition to providing medication management, I discuss therapeutic interventions and lifestyle modifications. 

In the words of Hippocrates, "Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity."  Medicine as an art is my approach to treatment.



Neha Khurana

My path to psychiatry was paved via Internal Medicine. As a young intern speaking to patients in the medical wards, I understood more than just their test results; they wanted to talk about the impact of their condition on their lives. My journey started with having long discussions about relationships, dignity and strength in the face of often devastating chronic illnesses.


Through my courageous patients, I learned that love, pain, anger, remorse, guilt and forgiveness are universal human languages that transcend cultural, ethnic and racial divides. They taught me to recognize anxiety, depression, and grief as well as hope and optimism to be valuable clinical tools that silently made a difference to their attitude towards treatment. Understanding this made me realize that I could make a difference in their course of treatment and in their lives.


Psychotherapy remains an integral part of my appointments. I prefer combining elements of psychodynamic and cognitive behavior therapy to enhance medications and bring about symptom relief.

Medicine combines a knowledge of neurobiology,  understanding of pharmacology and a healthy dose of common sense to know the difference between the quirks of personality and a disorder impacting functioning and causing distress.

We are now able to give injections at our office for most long acting injections. These are for medicines which have proven efficacy in various psychosis spectrum illnesses.  

Georgia Behavioral Health is excited to announce HIPPA secure Telepsychiatry services to established clients only. Use of Telepsychiatry has to be tailored to each patient and can only be used for follow up visits. Call our office to find out if it is an option for you.

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We currently accept most insurances, but please give us a call so that we can give an inquiry about what is covered by your insurance.

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